Message from our Principal  
  We hope you have concluded that JCA can economically provide a wide range of services.  However, there are four areas which we would like to highlight.  They are, in order of popularity:  
bullet Acquisition Due-diligence
bullet Evaluation of Outside Resources
bullet Board and Annual Meeting Presentations
bullet Addressing Corporate Attention Deficit Disorder (CADD)
  While Acquisition Due-diligence is self explanatory, you may want to review more detail about the other services by scrolling down the page. Or, if one particularly catches your eye, "click" on it above and go directly to it.  
  Evaluation of Outside Resources  

This service is simple and inexpensive, yet its importance today is paramount.  You have only to ask the shareholders and employees of Enron to similarly conclude.

Whether it be your accounting firm, data processing vendor, operations auditor or even a regulator on whose information you hope to rely, we can quickly evaluate the accuracy and quality of their submissions completely and confidentially.

We will address such issues as:

bullet Is all information submitted to you?  We will review all “work papers” to so determine because not having access to those documents is an initial “red flag.”
bullet Are the reports to your Management and your Board consistent with the work papers?
bullet Does the Board get the same information as Management?
bullet Are the submissions “fresh” or show signs of being “cloned” from previous work.
bullet Are notable “repeat” exceptions sufficiently highlighted and have they been adequately explained and corrected?
bullet Are there information “bottlenecks” between your outside resource, employees, Management and the Board?
bullet Do “unusual” accounting procedures exist?  If so, is there universal corporate awareness of their existence and the potential consequences of their use?
  We again emphasize that we will conduct our review with whatever degree of confidentiality is directed by your company . . . and, the recipients of our report (including recommendations for action) can be determined in advance.  


Board & Annual Meeting Presentations

  Your Board of Directors (or Annual) meeting is just around the corner and, as a Director, you're thinking:  
    "Am I getting all of the information I need to help form policy, evaluate management performance and minimize my personal liability?"

"Do my shareholders understand what we’re doing, and why?"

"Do I get the 'bad' news as well as the 'good'?”

  Or, as Senior Management, you wonder:  

 "Have I told them every thing they need to know?"

"Am I offering plans and strategies or just reporting 'numbers'?"

"How can I reduce the loss of “PPP” (potentially profitable productivity) that occurs while preparing for Board and Annual Meetings?"


We can help eliminate these, and similar concerns, by assuming responsibility for the preparation of your Board and/or Annual Meetings.  You may be surprised to learn that we can accomplish this at a cost less than what you are spending now in preparation time and lost "PPP.”

In so doing we will:

(1)   Meet with your Board and Management to determine and codify exactly what information is desired and how you want it presented.

 (2)   Design a desktop (or laptop) computer driven information matrix that will allow your staff to compile the information during the normal course of their duties and communicate it to us.

 (3)   Prepare the presentation and submit it to Management (and the Board, if that is desired) in a time frame sufficient for review, abridgement and distribution prior to the meeting.

 (4)   Prepare a presentation format utilizing your preferred software ( MS Power Point, Corel Presentations, etc.), “display board” outline, or simply a script for your presiding officers.  Whatever the format, a complete outline of the agenda will be provided.

 (5)   Assist with the presentation, if requested.



Corporate Attention Deficit Disorder

  Does this ever happen in your organization?  
bullet An important policy or procedure, effectively researched, formulated and written, is adopted and distributed. Then, at a fateful moment, a critical element of that policy or procedure is not observed or ignored altogether.
bullet An employee (or group of employees) is continuously involved with company business that is outside the parameters of his/her (or their) specific job description and responsibilities thereby creating varying degrees of internal strife.
bullet You strive diligently to provide a healthy work environment and good benefits.  However, employee turnover is high and/or unionization becomes a topic of interest and discussion.
bullet Your management team observes that: “we don’t get feedback” or “they just don’t seem to get the message."

Sound familiar?  These are just a few of the behavioral patters that we at JCA have discovered accrue to an ever increasing condition in business enterprise.  We call it Corporate Attention Deficiency Disorder, or CADD, because it mirrors that human condition where conduct and information receptivity are inconsistent with so called “standards.” And, like the struggling student with ADD (or ADHD if hyperactivity is also a symptom), the company with CADD must discover that its “cure” lies not with treating components (employees, managers, the Board, etc.), but rather understanding and dealing with how they interact.

 Physicians use a grouping of chemicals to treat human ADD. Similarly, we at JCA address CADD with a combination of remedial elements:

bullet An “awareness” model, designed for your Company, showing where CADD infection has occurred.
bullet Training at whatever level required.
bullet Computer driven information feedback that gives executive management advanced warning of negative issues.

What do you have to do?  Nothing complicated we assure you:

(1)   Recognize that you have a challenge.

(2)   Find support (That’s us!)

(3)   Believe in your company’s objectives.

(4)   Believe in yourselves as owners and/or managers.

(5)   Know your strengths and have a desire to capitalize on them.

(6)   Know your weaknesses and seek to improve.

(7)   Love to learn.

(8)   Learn to love.

(9)   Never give up.



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