Message from our Principal  

Patt Ardis


Throughout his career, Patt has been a champion of honor and integrity in business. He is a recognized expert in fraud detection and investigation, fidelity bond investigation and litigation, directors' and officers' liability, securities cases and other matters involving allegations of breach of fiduciary responsibilities. He has effected the recovery of more than $140,000,000 in the areas of fraud and negligence and has successfully defended a number of claims filed against clients. A Special Counsel to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Pat is based in Memphis, Tennessee, and is our lead Associate for contacts with clients in the middle and western United States.

We took note that the photograph Patt submitted for our website is in black-and white which prompted us to inquire if he thought he was "colorless."  Patt's response: "folks, I'm a lawyer...OK?"

Patt's curriculum vitae and information about his law firm can be found here.



Josh Cox


Josh is, unquestionably, the "old man" on our team.  As such, we observe respectful deference to his advanced years and, accordingly, allow him to put his name on our letterhead, answer the phone, pick up the mail, empty the trash, feed the cats and have three pictures on our website.

However, no-one in our organization is more focused and accomplishment driven or has a greater appreciation of the value of "teamwork" in the achievement of business objectives.  Josh's career spans over 50 years, during 29 of which he has led most of us in assisting various troubled companies with asset, profitability or over-all management challenges.  Throughout that association, we have successfully turned around six problem financial institutions (two of which were considered "terminal" by regulatory authorities), designed and implemented capital acquisition plans for several companies and recruited, developed and motivated many fine professional Associates, some of whom are no longer with us but are well regarded chief executives of successful companies.

Josh is also an avid golfer and website designer. His specialty is designing websites for grandchildren.

Please click here to review Josh's full resume.



Ralph Everitt


Ralph is one of he most "lovable" people you will ever meet.  Behind his affable smile, broad holders and bulky frame is a gregarious, caring personality that give evidence to his nickname: "Huggy Bear."

He is also one of the premier asset protection and insurance specialists in the country.  The quality of business holdings, especially real estate assets owned or held as collateral to asset valued obligations, is a primary concern of businesses today.  Their true value and the protection of same is Ralph's profession in trade and his skills are available to your Company as they have been to many clients.

Ralph's photograph is also in back and white because it is slightly (only slightly, mind you) dated.  Click here to see a picture of Ralph that is just a bit more recent.

Additional information about Ralph and his professional activities can be reviewed here.



Michael Landry


Michael has been a little "camera shy" in the past but he finally got around to seeing a professional photographer with the result you see here. He is also our resident "big kid" and one of the most avid Walt Disney fans in America. He has accumulated a large and entertaining collection of Disney memorabilia and Christmas decorations which are a delight to young and old alike.

One of the youngest accountants ever to receive CPA certification, Michael brings to our Association a truly broad spectrum of practiced disciplines.  Among those are accounting (naturally), accurate and complete financial reporting, investor relations and communications, purchasing efficiency, business unit automation, data processing and computer technology.

Review Michael's resume



Thomas W. Wright


Last but not least of our camera adverse colleagues is Tom Wright, or "TW" as he likes to be known.  He is our Associate who can best help your Company in a quest for new capital, ownership partners, new business lines, acquisition strategies or even outright sale.  He is the consummate entrepreneur and is quite adept at understanding your future plans and helping your management team develop a strategy prospectus that is properly balanced between risk and reward.

Tom is an accomplished pilot and likes to travel to and from engagements in his Russian made L-33 Advanced Trainer pictured here (don't worry, he pays for his own gas when he does this).  His personal business "story" is remarkable, heart-warming  and well worth reading.  You can do so by clicking here.



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