Message from our Principal  
  JCA, as mentioned on our Home Page is, indeed, a unique organization.  We are not a traditional consulting firm . . . we do not operate in an advisory capacity only, issue recommendations and white papers, and then stand aside.  Rather, we prefer to assume responsibility and risk as we serve our clients and offer them whatever scope of executive management and planning is needed.  Our associates are highly mobile, generate very little overhead and can provide, on short notice, a single senior executive or a complete executive management team, all experienced in challenge/problem situations.  Further, these people have worked together before and can be utilized in a cost-effective, as needed basis, by a company that, for whatever reason, has been unable or does not have the time to acquire this kind of talent.

The economies we offer are vested in our ability to conduct our engagements in a knowledgeable, but efficient, manner.  On your direction, we will proceed as follows:

(1)   Identify the critical problems (not "symptoms") and submit a remedial plan.

(2)   Assign those Associates that are necessary to begin plan execution and designate at least one to serve at risk and at the pleasure of your Board of Directors or its designate.

(3)   Manage the remedial effort to completion.  This includes the recruitment (if necessary) and training of incumbent personnel to perpetuate the renewed condition of the institution.  Facilitating the prompt withdrawal of our Associates' participation while leaving the business in the hands of properly trained (and, comparatively, less expensive) talent is a critical part of our business plan.

(4)   Firm members' time and expenses are incurred only as needed.  Over-all fees for services are tailored to the individual company and established in advance.


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